Booking and rental terms and conditions and instructions for customers

Customer must pay the entire rent no later than two months before the start of the rental.

The minimum rental period is weekend Fri-Sun, except in the high season (weeks 52-2, 25-32) minimum is 1 week. Changeover day is Sunday. Arrival - 16:00, departure - 12:00. Final cleaning is required and costs 200€. Linen and towels need to be brought by yourself. The outdoor jacuzzi is all year round and is included in the price. No pets. No smoking.

Motorboat Buster L is for rent: 100€ per day. Gasoline needs to be bought by yourself.

Other additional services for extra charge and separate contract.

Owner and landlord:

Taili Harjula
Järventaustantie 384
03220 Tervalampi
puh. +358 400352129

We serve on Finnish and English.

Booking and cancellation policy

Villa Aurinkoniemi applies the following terms and conditions for the reservation and cancellation of all premises and services:

1. Booking and payment

The customer pays the entire payment at one time during the booking or separately agreed, but no later than two months before the start of the rental.
After the approved booking has been made, the customer receives the booking confirmation, the booking and rental terms and conditions, the instructions for the customer and the payment confirmation.
Accepted bookings will be paid in full at one time, two months before with invoice.
The fee will not be refunded without valid reason and medical certificate for the whole group.

2. Driving instructions and opening hours

Driving instructions and opening hours can be found on Villa Aurinkoniemi’s website

3. Arrival

The customer must provide an e-mail confirmation of booking and possible payment receipt when the key or service is delivered.
Keys are handed over to the customer in advance agreed time when arriving to the site.

Arrival times:
From 16:00.
The customer must inform if the time of arrival is after 18:00.

4. Stay and Equipment

Further descriptions of Villas equipments are available at Villa Aurinkoniemi’s website.

The customer is responsible for the cleaning of the property during the stay. The cleaning service can be ordered separately. Final cleaning is required and costs 200€.
Silence time is from 22:00 to 07:00.

At other times, disruptive behaviour is forbidden and we are entitled to evict from the Villa without the refund of the payment.

A lost key is charged for the actual cost of replacing lock, serialization and new keys.

5. Leaving the Villa

Keys must be handed out separately agreed time, but no later than 16:00.
When leaving the Villa customer must take care that Villa’s equipments are in place, garbage and empty bottles are removed, the lights are switched off, the windows are closed and all outside doors are closed and locked.

6. Smoking and pets

Smoking is forbidden entirely in all indoor spaces. Unauthorized inside smoking is charged with 1000€ and in addition to rental price of the Villa until tobacco smell has been removed.
Pets are not allowed. Unauthorized pet imports are charged with 1000€ per animal.

Villa Aurinkoniemi is not responsible for allergies caused by smoking, animals, etc.

7. Number of people

It is not allowed to more people than beds to stay in the Villa Aurinkoniemi. Tent or any other additional accommodations as well as the use of old fashioned bathing tub is prohibited.

8. Compensation for Damages

The customer is liable for the damage caused to Villa Aurinkoniemi or its furniture and the loss of rental incomes due to damage.

9. Complaints

All comments and complaints relating to the equipment and condition of the resort must be reported immediately to Villa Aurinkoniemi’s contact person. If the issue is not repaired, the customer can make a written complaint to that person. This must be done within one month of the end of the reservation.

If the customer and Villa Aurinkoniemi do not agree, the customer is entitled to contact the Finnish Consumer Disputes Board. Possible trials will be conducted in Finland and primarily in District Court of South-Savo

10. Cancellations

Cancellation must always be made in writing in Finnish or English by e-mail to at least one week from the date of reservation but no later than two months before the check-in date. Villa Aurinkoniemi’s contact person confirms the cancellation by an e-mail and the cancellation is deemed to take place when the person has confirmed the cancellation. Unpaid invoice is not a cancellation. Changing the reservation will be interpreted as a cancellation.
Villa Aurinkoniemi will charge from the agreed price

less than 60 days before the start of the reservation

more than 60 days before the start of the reservation

Advance payments
100% of the rental price must be paid no later than 2 months before the start of the reservation.
For unexpected illness or accident, we recommend on taking travel insurance. We handle all cancellations under the above terms, no matter of the cause of cancellation.

11. Villa Aurinkoniemi’s right to cancel the reservation

If the customer has not paid the invoice by the due date, Villa Aurinkoniemi has the right to cancel the booking.

In case of force majeure, Villa Aurinkoniemi can terminate the contract.

Villa Aurinkoniemi is then obliged to notify customer without delay.

The customer has then the right to get back the rent paid to Villa Aurinkoniemi in full.

Villa Aurinkoniemi is not responsible for any errors in the brochures or internet. We reserve the rights to make changes to the brochure after the print and internet after update.

12. Customer information protection and storage

Villa Aurinkoniemi keeps customer information protected. The information of the customers is stored for a maximum of three (3) years. Personnel confidentiality also covers customer data. Contact information will not be disclosed.